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We are aware of the fact that today if a business or a startup wants to grow on a large scale, it will have to take the assistance and support of the technology. The growth of the internet has undergone rapid changes at a quick pace. So if any small business had to survive and grow in the market it has to take the help of the online network for its increased sales, attractive advertisements, and responsive customer support. Now after building a website and before going for a Webhost, the company should also keep some important things in its mind as small companies have limited resources and they have to juice out 100% from these resources. The company must focus on some important factors before choosing a Web hosting provider.

Choose a hosting plan type suitable according to your requirements

You should be aware of the needs and requirements of your small venture and then you have to take a step to go for a plan. You should select a plan keeping the increasing traffic in your mind that would rapidly grow once your business would gain up the pace. So some of the popular web hosting types that can be suitable for small ventures or businesses are given below.

1. Shared

As the name suggests shared web hosting is done by putting multiple websites on a single server. Like all the websites are sharing the common resources of a single server. Now in this type, the performance of the website would get affected and will compromise with the control of the website owner over the quality of experience that is to be provided to the user. Though it would be a cost-saving deal, you must opt out for this type only when you have just started your business. It is best for the startups and newly started small businesses as the number of visitors would be less but once it would start growing, the website experience for the users would become laggy and sluggish.

2. Virtual private server (VPS)

VPS is the enhanced form of the shared type. Although the physical server would be shared by multiple websites each website would be provided with its virtual server. As a website has its virtual server, the loading time of the web pages and the response time of the website would be faster as compared to the shared type. It is better suited for start-up businesses with growing traffic and would stand out as feasible to them.

3. Dedicated

In this type, each website is mounted on a dedicated physical server. The hosting provider allocates a dedicated physical server to a single website. Now, this type is the fastest and gives a wonderful experience to the visitors. These are suitable for the startups which have higher rising traffic. When a small venture starts growing and it has a large number of clients or customers, then it can shift up to this type.

4. Cloud Based

This is a new technology that is helpful for startup businesses. In this type, a website is mounted on multiple servers and these servers work together to deliver an extraordinary experience to the users. The important thing about this type is then, it immediately boosts up the system resources in case of high traffic to provide a better experience. Other it uses minimal resources when the traffic is not too high.

Other Critical Factors

1. Bandwidth

Small businesses should go for the hosting providers that provide enough bandwidth to accommodate a moderate number of users to their website so that the users can have a mother experience.

2. SSL Encryption

The web hosting provider must also be capable to provide SSL encryption to the website so that the safety and the security of the visitor data are ensured.

3. Uptime

This is the most crucial factor that confirms the availability of the website 24/7. Most of the companies claim a 99.99% uptime, but small businesses must try to look for the best option available.

4. Data Storage

Small businesses must look for feasible storage options as there are not large numbers to entertain. In this way, the cost-saving can be done by a small venture by opting out for feasible data storage.

5. Backup

The Backup provided by the web hosting provider must be capable of securing your data in case any of any technical mishappening.


A small venture or business should look up to do the cost-cutting as much as possible because it had limited resources to invest in hosting. The business should try to look and opt-out for the best plans at an affordable price. Like it should search for the Hosting provider which offers a lot more features at lesser prices. It simply means to go for the best value for money options.


We hope that this article will be helpful for the small startups and businesses to select a optimal webhost from the market providing the better features. This discussion will help startups and small ventures to pick the best VPN hosting provider which turns out to be the value for money pick.