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Top 5 list items
Our Preferred
  • It is open-source
  • The theme costs you around $59
  • It is also compatible and supports most of the WordPress plugins
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • It has Unlimited products and storage.
  • Can create a one-page checkout.
  • The Standard plan starts at $29.95/mo
  • 30- days money back guarantee
  • Can create a website and can sell Courses
  • Clear & Relevant Reporting is the best feature
  • MemberPress Basic plan starts at $149/YEAR
  • 30- days money back guarantee
  • It has a fully optimized Data reporting
  • It has Customer management which will help you to maintain a separate record
  • The Personal plan starts at $99.00
  • 30- days money back guarantee
WP EasyCart
  • Easy to build a sales funnel on WordPress without losing your mind
  • Built-in recurring billing engine
  • The Professional Plan – $69/yr
  • 30- days money back guarantee

Building an online store is the best business decision you have made, as selling your products is the easiest way to make money these days. All you need are some handy little plugins and your online store is up and running in a few minutes. Thankfully there are plenty of WordPress e-commerce plugins that provide amazing features and benefits, along with a thriving development community and content management system.

We have picked the Top 5 plugins based on their features, pricing, and ease of use. Choose from the list based on your requirement.

1. WooCommerce

Get started with WooCommerce

We are sure you have already heard of WooCommerce, as it’s a word synonymous with e-commerce stores, they are the kings of WordPress plugins. One of the reasons it’s widely used and trusted is that WooCommerce was acquired by Automattic, the organization that is behind Hosting Service in the year 2015. In this, you will be able to access many themes and a large number of addons which helps in saving your time. Most of the hosting companies have started to make specialized WooCommerce hosting solutions.


  • There is no limit in the WooCommerce plugin. It is open-source, you can customize easily based on your requirements.
  • With a Modular system, you can add the additional features you want.
  • It is also compatible and supports most of the WordPress plugins. You can use all the plugin or the features which you are using before activating WooCommerce.
  • The best thing about WooCommerce is they have a Worldwide community where you can get your all query solved.
  • You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • It is a platform that is free to use. Hosting costs around $120 per year.
  • Domain registration: $15 on average, but could be much more expensive if you are purchasing any new domain
  • The theme costs you around $59 and the extensions $25 each.
  • If you want any service from the developer then you have to pay $20-$150/hour.


  • Easy to access extensions and different types of pre-built themes that can be used to create attractive websites with simple steps.
  • They provide support for you in both Digital as well as Physical Goods, you can sell digital products also.
  • It has complete Inventory Management
  • The best part is they have Payment and Shipping Options. So, you don’t have to use any other service for the payment.


  • Setting a page is quite intimidating for a new user with a lot of options.
  • Compatible issues with some e-commerce themes. Check before purchasing woocommerce.

WooCommerce is the best plugin that is extremely user-friendly and can be accessed through mobile as well. It works well with most of the popular themes. We at have tested and are recommending this as the best e-commerce plugin.

2. BigCommerce

Get started with BigCommerce

BigCommerce has been running since 2009 and is one of the best e-commerce WordPress plugins. It comes with a fully hosted eCommerce platform which will help you get seamless integration with the use of WordPress. With the scalable eCommerce platform, you can manage the content which you want to put on the website. It has the best and the most powerful integration with WordPress so that the user will get the benefit to add items with so much ease. The best part of using this is it will automatically create sign-in, add to cart, account, and so many other pages.


  • The best feature of BigCommerce is it has Unlimited products and storage.
  • Can create so many staff accounts with the use of this plugin.
  • Can create a one-page checkout.
  • It allows you to directly add products from Alibaba


There are 3 plans from which you can choose:

  1. Standard -$29.95/mo
  2. Plus – $79.95/mo
  3. Pro – $299.95/mo

The most popular one from these 3 plans is the plus, if you are a newbie that is the best suggested. Along with these, they offer an Enterprise plan. You can contact the team for the pricing and plan.


  • It has all features which you are looking for in an e-commerce WordPress website like enterprise-grade security, high performance, and easy scalability.
  • This requires low maintenance as your eCommerce engine will be separate from the content maker which is another thing and runs easily in your WordPress.
  • With the Sell Cross Multiple Channels feature, you have the option to sell the products on other platforms also like Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon.
  • This plugin will not charge you any money for the transaction like the other e-commerce plugins
  • There are a lot of payment gateway options.


  • There are only Limited Integrations
  • Yearly Sales Threshold limit is one of the drawbacks, where once reach the plan threshold limit then you have to upgrade your plan to the next level.

You can go with BigCommerce if you are looking for a fully hosted eCommerce platform. This will provide you the best features which we have already mentioned, you can choose this according to the use of yours.

3. MemberPress

Get started with MemberPress

MemberPress allows you to sell subscription-based digital products and services. This is one of the best plugins with a ton of integration options and also lets you integrate with WooCommerce, which allows you to enhance the functions of your online store.


  • This is the platform from which you can create a website and can sell Courses.
  • The official Premium Community Forums is available, where you can get the solution to all the problems.
  • Can create the Pretty Pricing Pages that are easy and powerful, you get so many build-in templates for the pricing page themes.
  • Can fully modify the page in the WordPress website with some additional CSS Skills.
  • Clear & Relevant Reporting is the best feature
  • If you are selling subscription based products MemberPress is the perfect e-commerce plugin to build a website.


MemberPress offers 3 plans

  1. Basic -$ 149 / YEAR
  2. Plus – $ 249 / YEAR
  3. Pro- $ 349 / YEAR

These are the 3 plans, the most popular being the plus plan.


  • Can use this to sell the Subscription-Based Products, membership plans, pay per view content, and much more.
  • Powerful Access Rules which allows you to restrict user access level and content restriction.
  • In this, you have the option to integrate the WooCommerce store or LearnDash LMS and also there are so many powerful third-party services that you can integrate.
  • You will get the 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee


  • Limited Payment Options. It only supports PayPal, Stripe, and
  • They only offer Yearly Pricing Plans.

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4. Easy Digital Downloads

Get started with Easy Digital Downloads

EasyDigitalDownloads ( EDD) offers simple initiative plugins for managing and selling digital products with the use of WordPress. If you are planning to sell eBooks, PDF files, or audio clips EDD is what you should consider as your plugin. With EDD by installing the plugin on your website you can launch your digital sales platform within minutes and get features like file access control, discount codes, and activity tracking.


  • It allows you to create discount codes.
  • A fully optimized Data reporting with which you can get the report of your earnings by date, range and category, and much more.
  • The Easy Digital Downloads has Customer management which will help you to maintain a separate record for each customer and so many other things like view, edit, or even deletes.
  • If you are looking for a plugin that will help you to sell the digital product then Easy Digital Downloads is your best bet.


In this, you will get the 4 plans

  • Personal Pass – $99.00
  • Extended Pass -$199.00
  • Professional Pass -$299.00
  • All-Access Pass – $499.00


  • The core EDD plugin is FREE
  • This plugin is quite easy to operate
  • There are so many extensions available. You can use it according to the use of your website.
  • Easy Digital Downloads also works perfectly with most of the WordPress themes.


  • It comes with the only option, digital downloads. You can’t use this to sell physical products.
  • If you want to add any other affiliate product inventory, then you have to purchase some third-party tools.

5. WP EasyCart

Get started with WP EasyCart

WP EasyCart delivers high-quality eCommerce options at an affordable price. WP EasyCart enables small businesses to build a successful WordPress eCommerce store from their own WordPress blog or website. It has 10+ years of experience in e-commerce platforms. It is an all-in-one WordPress shopping cart that is designed especially for people, not just developers. It is designed in a way that even beginners can easily access it. It comes with a single system where you can access everything.


  • Easy to build a sales funnel on WordPress without losing your mind
  • Easy to create new revenue streams for your clients
  • Built-in recurring billing engine
  • Create products with unlimited variations
  • Offers Shipping & Package Tracking where user can track there order easily
  • 100+ built-in payment gateways
  • Offers Min/Max product cart quantities


They offer a free version, where the options are limited. The paid plans are:

  • PROFESSIONAL Plan – $69/yr
  • PREMIUM – $99/y


  • All Plans comes with 14 Day Free Trial
  • Easy Setup
  • No additional and annoying add-ons
  • Offers great customer support


  • Great features but some issues with support
  • 2% Application Fee for Free Versions

What to Look for in a WordPress eCommerce Plugin?

Before choosing any plugin write down your requirements, as choosing the right set of features is important to run a successful business. Some plugins work only for selling digital goods such as eBooks, photos, music, etc., and some plugins are used for selling physical products that need to be shipped directly to the customer, and some deliver dropshipping. You need to choose a plugin that suits your business needs.

Here are the factors which you want to check before purchasing any eCommerce Plugin

Payment Solutions: Whatever plugin you choose should have an easy payment option. By default method or with the extension. The ease of payment solution will maximize your money-making capabilities. Look for plugins that allow customers to choose their preferred mode of payment.

Customization: You have to check the Design and customization because this is the only factor by which the user will buy the products from your site. Choose plugins that allow you to customize the checkout process.
Apps and Integrations: You have to check whether the plugin is coming with all the apps and integrations. Check whether your plugin works well with third-party integrations like email marketing services, CRM software, accounting software, and much more

Support options: One of the most important for every business is to get support from the tools which you have purchased. A good support team will make sure you have an easy time finding solutions to your problems. Choose plugins that have comprehensive tutorials available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is to important to update e-commerce plugin?
Regularly updating your e-commerce plugin will patch and five unknown resolves and strengthen the site against attacks. Outdated plugins cause security issues, that can make your site vulnerable to attacks.
Is an e-commerce plugin really needed?
Yes if you are running e-commerce then you have to get the best e-commerce WordPress Plugins. As the right plugin is crucial for your business as it means more opportunity for your growth.
Is purchasing an e-commerce plugin wroth it?
Yes, the purchasing of the e-commerce plugin is worth it, because this is the only tool that will help you to grow your business and get more sales.
How good is WooCommerce Plugin?
WooCommerce is one of the most used plugins in the e-commerce industry as this has many prebuild themes that you can use and create easily.
What to look out for in e-commerce plugin?
The must-have features like:
  • Payment solutions
  • Design and customization
  • Apps and integration
  • Support options

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If you have any queries or suggestions about e-commerce WordPress Plugins then comment below, we are here to help you.

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