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Today if you have an online business, then you need a wonderful dynamic website designed in an extraordinary stunning manner that must be eye catchy also to engage a large number of customers. As you already know about the importance of visitors on your website, because they can turn into your future clients if you succeed in conveying information about your business in a livelier way. Now, here comes the term “Story brand telling”.

In this article, we would introduce you to the best story brand designers that have nailed the concept and have done wonders with story brand website design. But before having a look at those websites we must have a general prior knowledge about story brand.

So what is story brand telling?

Story brand telling is a way or technique that comes under the marketing strategy and works on the story brand framework to generate a branding of your online business by portraying all the information about the products and services in a story sense. It helps to convey your message to the customer in a more convincing way to build or strengthen the branding.

What is story brand framework?

The Storybrand framework is the collection of all the steps that are essential while performing the story brand telling on your website. It helps you to clarify your message about your services to the clients or customers in a proper way. It is based on the 7 magnificent steps that are followed to please the customers and explain the importance of your services in various scenarios.

1. The main character(Your Customer)

You may consider your customer as the main character or hero and try to explain what are his needs and what are the best things for him to do.

2. Problem

This is the problem that is faced by the hero(your customer) and that is stopping him to reach his ultimate goal. These can be the issues and problems your customer usually face.

3. Guide(you)

You have to behave as the guide of your customer and try to understand the problems faced by him. After that only you can move to the respective solutions to those issues.

4. The plan

The plan is the recommendation given by you to the customer to make convincing decisions that are going to be fruitful for your website.

5. Call for action

Call for action is the point when the customers are convinced and are called to take respective action. This step comes under the category of decisive lead generation. You also try to clear all the doubts of the customers through consultation, user guides, and webinars.

6. Ends

In this step, you must try to portray the successful outcoming and the last goal of the customer. In this section, you have to visualize all the things achieved by the customer successfully.

7. Failure interaction

In the whole story, the hero (your customer) must also have an idea about the failures and the consequences of that failures. Now he might have developed a better understanding of the outcomes if he fails to perform and refuse your products and services.

Now we would like to present the list of the top story brand-telling websites that are doing excellent work with their performance.

1. Zenfounder

Zen founder is currently led by Dr. Sherry Walling and they create a vivacious storyline to indulge the visitors on their website to use their consultation services, podcasts, books, and articles. They aggressively try to engage the visitors with the lines “Burnout & isolation are not part of your job description”. And this is the key step of the story brand framework. After that, they simply target the problem of the customers, and its relevant solution is flashed immediately after that. Zen founder has used the story brand-telling strategy in an effective way and can be considered as one of the best examples that you can use as a reference for your website.

2. The happy Sleeper

The Happy Sleeper is a website that offers various materials related to sleep such as courses, books, and consultations to get rid of sleeplessness. They directly hit the problem and doubts of the visitors immediately followed by the statement “Baby sleep advice can be confusing, outdated, and polarized. It doesn’t have to be” along with pinpoint of that problem “DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH:”. After that, they move to the relevant and effective solution to that problem with their online classes. They have used the story brand framework in a very excellent way with all the story brand telling tips.

3. Tieboss

Tieboss is a website that offers all the solutions and services related to hoisting, hauling, and tying down loads. It simply hammers its introduction with the statement “Lose the hassle, not your stuff”. After that, it spins the story with the challenges regarding these tasks and simply lands all the solutions to the visitors. They have used the storytelling strategy in a more successful way to engage more customers in their business.

4. Motivated Mornings

Motivated Morning is one of also of the best examples of story brand telling and showcases all its services and solutions in a great way. It implements all the major steps of the story brand framework by pointing out the problems to the visitors with the statement Tired of not completing that project? With a call to action signup button. After that, I instantly pour down all the solutions to the respective problems. That’s an unmatched approach to adopt the story brand telling strategy.

5. Indulge Right

Indulge right tries to please the customers with the delicious food shots and intense storytelling tricks. It opens up the game by simply raising some one-liner queries for the customers that turn their minds to think about various situations and issues. That is a nice tricky way to convince them and make them biased towards your services. After that, it simply floods down all its products that make a way to the next call to an action step, where the customers will like to choose and pick one of its products. Indulge right also uses an aggressive storytelling approach to earn more customers from the online market.



  • humanizes your brand.
  • Helps you to engage the right people.
  • Helps you portray your value.



  • It takes up a little time to build audience and trust.



The Final thoghts about story brand telling is that if you own a professional WordPress website or shopping store and want a to portray your products and services to the customers in a more convincing manner then you can use the story brand telling strategies to make that happen and generate more revenue from your business.