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It may seem easy to be a blogger. Many People think it comes naturally to take photos, write posts, and to manage everything. But the reality isn’t the same. There’s a lot more behind a blog’s management if you want to be successful. The days where you don’t have any ideas, you feel demoralized by the tests that are slow to arrive or when it’s hard to find the time.

Then how can you get a successful blog and manage it, and how can it expand even more over time?

The answer is organizing your work and time. When you just want to do it, even if that’s not the only thing you need to do, the trick is to get more disciplined. Organizing your time and dividing tasks during the day help to accomplish the goals and even makes one feel happier and less suffocated by all the events. So here’s a to-do list that will help you keep focused on the blog so that you do not miss anything for your blog.

Daily To-do List

Study current Blogging Trends and Techniques

You may think you know all of this. To stand out from the rest of the blogs, you have the degree of experience and the impact. Sadly, if you don’t continue to educate yourself, your awareness and power won’t last.

The topics you’re writing about and the methods you’re using in your articles depending on their importance and precision. If you’re using an outdated way, it can seriously affect your blog and the viewers.

Update Themes and Plugins

Make sure you keep all the themes, and plugins up to date. Check the updates regularly as sometimes, outdated plugins cause a lot of issues.

Read other Blogs for Inspiration and Ideas

With our own blog and activity, we already have such a full schedule and the idea of adding reading slots to our daily agenda may seem a little daunting. It’s something we do need to do, though. In many ways, reading will motivate us and it gives us a chance to do so much more of our own work.

Read at least one article a day, and take notes on what you are doing. You will be exploring new ideas for material for future posts. Using what you find useful to post such posts on social media or on your blog.

Write the Blog Posts

Obviously, The blog doesn’t work without content, so this will be the majority of your blogger role. Creating a post takes about 2/3 hours, fixing it, and preparing it for the publishing day.

Promote Blog on Social Media

Whatever social networking sites you use to advertise your blog, you should be involved in them every day, no matter what. It’s not a good idea to write a blog post on your blog and share it on social media sites and forget about the website for the entirety of the week.

You should spend time on social media platforms every day to build your social profile and improve your reader engagement. But social media can be time-consuming if you don’t use them carefully.

Do not just press publish and leave your blog post waiting for someone to read. Once your post is online, only the right number of visits justifies the effort to creating the article. You’ll need to share the post on all social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest) to let your followers and friends know a new post is ready for reading.

Reach out to other Bloggers

Interaction is important with other bloggers. Blogging is not a solo act. You may be the only one to run your website and blog, but writing and promoting your content are not the only places to devote your time to blogging.

Commenting on blogs is a proven way to increase blog traffic and establish connections with active bloggers. Not only that but you’ll also be updated on the latest trends in your field. Start commenting on posts from other bloggers and posting their content on social media to interact with others.

By doing so, you can form connections with other bloggers for collaboration or mentoring. You can boost traffic to your website and followers on social media. It’s critical for the success of your blog that you devote time to blogger outreach every day. Without that, you will miss out on so many chances to increase traffic to your content.

Manage the Newsletter

Collecting your readers’ emails is important. Make sure you have one or more subscription forms that allow you to register for the blog’s newsletter. People who register are the most involved in your content and they expect you to receive an email summing up the posts that have been written and may have been missed.

Respond to Emails

As a blogger, you might receive loads of emails for partnerships and also advice from your followers. Thus it is important to dedicate an hour to emails to respond to them all and also to send some new emails to your favorite brands for collaborative requests.

Tip: Take Breaks

It may seem pretty straightforward but it can sometimes be forgotten to get up from your desk and walk around for a while. It’s crucial that you find a balance between sitting while blogging and standing. The effects of sitting continuously can have a big effect on your performance. Use your computer or phone’s alarm app to remind you to get up and stretch You can use the Pomodoro technique as well.

Get up to stretch at least once a while will help you to avoid potential health complications, like back pain. It also helps in avoiding frustrating soreness, the body a chance to refresh itself by standing once in a while.


If implemented daily, this To-Do List certainly helps in managing the blog and is also ensures the blog is successful. If the tasks are too many, split them into separate days of the week as well. A blogger has endless things to do. It’s not that all of them need to be done every day. Some of them may be done weekly, some monthly, and some later. But to grow your blog you must do some blogging tasks every single day.