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After building a website the next step is to board it on a live server. This process is called web hosting. There are a large number of Web hosting providers that host your websites to make it live. But before doing that we should consider some important aspects that should be kept in mind while choosing a web hosting provider. Some of them are:

Rapid performance

If a website fails to provide a convenient service in terms of speed and quick response, the visitors would not be interested to hang around on it. If web pages take too much time to respond and often get stuck, then the audience will switch to other options available on the internet. Google generally ranks all those websites on the top which takes less time and responds quickly. Some factors which are responsible for increasing the speed and performance of a website are :

1. Storage and Bandwidth

These consist of the storage size, type of storage, and bandwidth limit. For giant E-commerce stores, huge storage is required, unlike the small business platforms. The storage types such as SSD are quicker than the old ATA storage. Unlimited bandwidth is also required by the giant business platforms which have a lot of customers. So don’t forget to keep these things in your mind before selecting a WebHost.

2. Server location

If the location of the server is in the USA and the audiences are located in Europe, it does not make any sense. So nowadays CDN services are adopted by the web hosting providers that use mini servers for visitors located in a specific part of the world. This helps out to give a quick response to the visitors as their requests have to travel a lesser distance.

3. Scalability

The web hosting provider must also be capable to manage the ups and downs in the traffic of the website. Like during the evening the website has to cater to a large number of visitors and then the WebHost has to work out the traffic management so that requests by the users do not get become unresponsive.


While choosing a web host you must consider security as a critical aspect. The WebHost must be capable of supplying the latest OS patches, firewall, and DDOS protection to ensure the security and safety of the data present on the servers of the web host. Other than that Malware scanning and tools must also be implemented by the WebHost to strengthen the security of the website. The most important thing is the Backup which is mandatory to be provided by the WebHost. The policy and facility related to backup must also be simple to benefit the website owner. Daily, weekly and monthly backups must be given a crucial place in the back policy of the web hosting provider.


The web host must have 24/7 support so that any problem or an issue can be addressed and resolved quickly. The WebHost must have several windows of support such as live chat, E-mail, and phone to provide the promptly required support in case of any issues. The support offered by WebHost must be categorized on different levels based on the requirements of the customers. Like for the businesses that have a technical staff can opt for self-managed support while some businesses that do not have any technical teams to work out on the issues, can opt-out for Fully managed support.


This is the eye-catching aspect among the customers when they had to choose a web host from the several providers in the market. Always look for the WebHost which offers you the best value for money. Do not get attracted by the initial prices and try to find the after-year prices. Also, check the cancellation and refund policy carefully. This will help you to get a refund if you don’t find it a worthy deal and you want to leave the existing subscribed plan.


We hope that this article will be helpful for you to get a better insight of the selection process of a webhost from the market. This discussion will help to clear all your doubts which generally hovers on your mind while selecting a WordPress hosting provider for your website.