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The way of expression of thoughts through words is blogging. The beauty about blogging is it’s free but it’s worth it to spend the time here. Blogging is one of the best online ways to make money. You may also promote your company, services, goods, etc.

And if you have already created your blog, then this post will help you to do the most important things to consider after creating a blog.

Important Things to consider after Starting a Blog:

Do The Required Customizations and Install Plugins

Can Blogging be a way for you to be a successful entrepreneur?

After installing the theme, make some necessary customizations like choosing the primary color, permalink structure, and required appearance setting, then install the plugins. Plugins help in many activities while blogging. Popular websites such as WordPress have this functionality that is proving very successful.

Plugins like “YoastSeo,” can help to properly configure the blog posts so they can be tailored for Seo. It can also be used to build automated sitemaps. There are many such plugins that help in maintaining a proper website.

Good Blog Posts

After starting a blog the first thing to do is write good blog posts. You can not rank your blog without quality content. Blogs must be optimized for Seo so that they can be quickly ranked on google. Another truth is that Google rates such as SEO-optimized posts above a separate one. Including a proper description and title of the post also works for SEO. This approach can draw more visits to our site.

Adding Pages, Posts and Categories

It’s also important to add pages to the blog. Pages are added usually for a particular reason. Some relevant pages to add are about Us, Email, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and so on.

The page typically discusses the author & the blog’s intent regarding us. It describes the purpose for which the blog was created, either for sharing knowledge or for the services delivery. Distributing posts in different categories is also important, a blog without categories appears useless. A Blog with appealing categories is much better and easier to read for people.

Keyword Research

There wasn’t much competition on the internet back in the early 2000 so people were able to rank their blog very easily. But now competition changed everything and now it’s not that easy to rank a post on Google. Although one can still rank their post with better keyword analysis. One should always aim for a low-competition keyword at the initial level. You won’t be able to rank a post on a keyword of heavy competition due to the low DA PA of the domain.

The keyword CPC should also be checked. A keyword with low competitiveness but also low CPC is not ideal to work on, and even if you rank on it, still you would be getting very little traffic.

Submit Sitemap

Google has its own certain special algorithms which are mostly based on Artificial Intelligence, And these programs recognize only computer language. Submitting sitemaps on the World Wide Web can help us to rank. One can create sitemaps on the website simply by signing up free of charge in the Google Search Console. For the sitemaps add, “crawl > sitemaps”.

One can use plugins like the Google XML Sitemaps plugin or the Yoast SEO plugin to build a sitemap on platforms like WordPress.

Social Media Share Buttons

It can be labeled as a perfect way to improve your blog traffic. Shares option plays a big role in improving blog ranking. That’s why adding social media share buttons to our blog is essential. By adding certain keys, It becomes easier for your blog followers to connect. With an easier share option viewers might also share their thoughts and knowledge with other people. It also generates strong social media marketing.

If You’re offering business, then adding social media share buttons will increase your revenue because users can directly contact you. You may even find like-minded people, doing stuff like that. Working or getting in contact with like-minded individuals will definitely improve our long-term capacity for working and support.

Social Media Share Buttons

It is really important to have a track of your traffic. How does that mean now? To have control of traffic means to monitor the visitors’ activities. What posts are more popular with the public, what keywords are more searched by the users.

This method also allows visitors to be monitored in real-time. We can also keep track of the country from which the individuals come. Go to Google Analytics, sign in, add your website, and copy the code for tracking. You need to apply the code to your theme for monitoring. If there is an option to add the Google Analytics code, check your theme, otherwise, you can add plugins to Google Analytics.


Backlinks typically refer to the “inbound links” created from one website to another. Such external links are considered backlinks. Backlinks have a positive impact on the Seo of websites. It normally increases control over the website. And when your website is crawled by Google, content backlinks from authority pages will elevate your site rankings.

It will also build your control over your brand. Creating an online authority can be very useful, and can work for lead generation for a long time, etc.

Guest Posts

Posting on blogs of other bloggers is called a guest post. You can easily reach out to other bloggers through e-mail or social media. Guest blogging has two benefits: Firstly, it can help to attract attention, and secondly, it enhances the blog’s authority.

Creating backlinks can also initiate friendships. One of the ways to build backlinks is by guest blogs. Although seeking a backlink via the guest post, it may also give rise to new partnerships that are crucial to have. Blogger networking can be very good for the blogging community.

Backlinks tend to increase web visits by higher rankings. A reliable link can also bring lots of traffic from a high-traffic location.


The trick to blogging is hard work and consistency. One can’t rank any post within an eye’s blink. And as you gain experience you can do a lot more. But for the beginning of a blog, mentioned things are enough. Hope you understand what you need to start a blog. Still, you have any queries regarding this topic, feel free to comment below.