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WordPress is among those platforms which always come up with new for its users. Whenever there is a new update available, it brings out enormous columns that make the user’s experience more interesting. The same is a scenario when a user is creating a WordPress blog.

If you are among those who are on WordPress and dealing with WordPress blog, then you need to consider certain things after creating it. If these things are not there, then it will not appear to be good blogs, and people will not go to take any interest in it.

Change the Tagline, Sites Title, and Timezone

Do not forget to change the site title, tagline, and time zone settings. For the same, just move to settings and then the general page. Options are available on the general page, and you can simply change the settings bear. Moreover, do not forget to save the settings according to the location. This will allow the user to get an idea of where the blog has been operated.

Select Theme

Selecting the theme is also an important thing to do. Some WordPress themes come up with multiple features along with customization options. Thus an individual needs to check out the WordPress theme and have a look at whether it is satisfying their requirement or not. Also, the themes are quite common among most of the websites therefore the need to check out the same as well. In case they have selected the theme which is not coming up with enormous features or is not speeding up the performance of the website then it will lead to problems.

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Set up the Default Category

Do not forget to set up the default category. It is important for a user to fill up the categories accordingly. At least one category is a must. WordPress, by default, uses the uncategorized category. If a user is not changing the category during writing the blog post, then it will appear under the default category only. But if you have changed the category, then it will be going to appear. The same user needs to visit the post section and there is a categories pages option available that moves to it. And there you can simply add a new category.

Add Content

Adding content also plays a very important role. When you are adding the content make sure it is SEO friendly and readability is also upto the mark. For adding the content, you just need to move to the post section and click on new. Within no time the page will appear and paste it in the title box and content in the body. As soon as after checking out readability you click on publish the content will get saved there.


Readability is also a factor of consideration. In WordPress, it is important that the developer is making the readability green. For it, they need to follow different options available like passive voice, consecutive sentences, paragraph length, sentence length, transition words, and so on. When all of them are filling up the particular criteria settled up by WordPress, then the post will be going to have green readability. In case the criterion is not fulfilled, then it will appear to be red or orange. Suggestions are also available, which allow the individual to modify the blog post accordingly.

Complete the User Profile

An individual needs to complete the WordPress user profile as well. The user profile will allow other users to get an idea about the admin and easily understand how things are going. For the same, simply head towards users and then your profile page. There they can update all the information. There is a default option available where WordPress will use the username next to the blog post and comments. If you want, you can simply replace it with a nickname for a full name.

Set up the WordPress Comments

WordPress comments also play a very important role for a user. Do not forget to set up the comment because it allows the user to communicate with you and simply mark what they like and what they did not like. Therefore, when you are setting up the WordPress comments, make sure you are allowing people to do comments.

Add a Contact Form

After preparing the blog, do not forget to add the contact form as well. The contact form will allow visitors to contact you quickly. They just need to fill up the form, and it will help you to figure out who is looking forward to communicating with you. Moreover, this option is not available by default therefore, you need to create it with WP forms available. During creating a form, a user can add the options accordingly. Some formats are available by default, which can let a user take advantage of the same.

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After you are done with setting all the things, do not forget to set up the SEO for WordPress. It helped the users to get more traffic from Google and other search engines available. The SEO of WordPress is quite friendly, and a user can understand it easily. Just after installing the WordPress setup, do the SEO for the rest of the website. If you have forgotten about it, then after creating the blog post, you can move ahead with it as options are available on the same page.

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Setup Backup

Backup is also important for a person to have. There might be a chance due to any malware attack, you might have lost all the data. But if you have a backup available, the same problem will not arise for you at all. WordPress allows you to create backups easily. All you need to do is get available with the WordPress backup plugin so that automatic backup will be created.

These are important things for an individual to consider whenever they are setting up WordPress. When you are done with setting up WordPress, do not forget to check out every feature. In case you are compromising with anything and forget to keep an eye on any feature, certain problems may arise later on.

Wrapping up

WordPress is one of the best platforms for all users out there who want to have a platform filled with enormous features. Just consider all the things before and after so that things will start working in your favor.