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When Google determines the search rankings, it considers the site speed. It plays a vital role for a user because it allows the site to have a known placement. If the speed is not good, then the site will be going to get an unrecognizable position. Individuals need to understand how they can do it. When you create a WordPress site, the theme you have installed may not work efficiently. At that particular moment, a user needs to test the WordPress speed. If you also want to test the WordPress theme speed, then this read is for you.

We will be going to discuss the tools through which a user will be able to easily test the theme’s speed and get an idea of where they need to make the customizations on the site.

How to test the loading Speed?

Before you customize the code, it is important to install plugins and optimize the images. The user needs to benchmark the site speed currently. For the same, a user needs to use the best tools to check out the site performance.

Multiple tools are available, which allow the individual to do the same easily. The tools will provide the proper report, including the site’s rank, along with competitors and comparison. Additionally, it suggests improvements as well. After it, the individual can check out where they need to make the customizations.

Tools to consider for checkout the performance:

Now let’s look at all the tools available, which allow you to check out the performance easily. These are as follows:-

“Test my site” Google tool

This tool hits the list of a favorite at Google. This will allow you to check out the site completely, along with comparison and competitors. Also, in case of improvement, the suggestions will be available, a user can consider them accordingly. Also, they can get the final report as per the performance.

Mobile-friendly test by Google

It is important that whichever site you are using must be mobile-friendly. If the theme you have installed on the WordPress site is not mobile-friendly, it will create some hassle. Therefore, move ahead with a mobile-friendly test by Google. It will take around 30 seconds, and within no time, the report will get available. If you want the site to be worthwhile, then it should be mobile-friendly.

Website grader by HubSpot

Website grader is among those tools that let you get an idea about the first impression of current performance. This does not fit in the category of comprehensive tools, but within 30 seconds, you have the information about the theme. You can only conclude whether you need to make the customization. If there is no need for you to make the customizations, the reports will be up to the mark.

PageSpeed Insight

Apart from all the tools mentioned above, PageSpeed Insight is one of the most frequently used tools. It checks out the performance of the site and provides you with in-depth information. Also, in case there is a requirement for improvement, certain tips will appear. A user needs to type the address of the site and hit the analysis button. After the analysis has been completed, there will be a particular grade available. If the site got to grade 49, then it means the speed is unacceptable.

It also comes up with some useful suggestions in closing, removing the unused CSS, optimizing the images, and eliminating the render-blocking resources. The site’s admin has a great idea about it and can easily apply the tool and customize it so that performance will improve.

WPSpeedster Website

This is among those websites which have tested almost 2500 themes. It uses a Google page speed for doing so. All the themes available are tested on desktop and mobile for home page speed and post-page loading times. After it, the ranking will be decided. Also, among all the themes available, the top-ranked one on mobile and desktop will be available on the homepage. Top scorers can be on the top screen so a user can select them easily.

Whenever you consider this website for testing the theme, appropriate results will get available, and there will be no problem in any case. Basic details will also allow you to check out what you need to change and how to deal with the problem if there is any.

Free Speed Test Plugin

The free speed test plugin also allows the user to check out the speed of the theme. It is a free plugin that is available to download from the directory. A user can add it to the site to show up the page for speed results whenever testing new things. After installing the plugin for once, a new menu will appear by the name “Theme Speed Test.” It will have details about all the available themes and show the scores of speed as well. Therefore, you can easily conclude which one you need to select and which one you need to drop.

GT Metrix

GT Metrix also hits at the top whenever you want the tool to check out the WordPress theme. If you wish to improve the website, this tool will help you get the same easily. It will analyze the site thoroughly and come up with clear reports. It will set up certain alerts so that you can easily customize them according to the requirement. A user can decide the location for testing the server and the browser and the type of internet connection. It will perform the test, develop a score, page details of the site will get analyzed, and clear reports will get available.

Also, a user will have cleared details available by the suggestions, and after it, they can fix all the issues arising. In the end, they have the site, which is working efficiently.

It is important to check out the theme’s speed because it results in the site’s overall performance. If the site is not working appropriately or a user is facing some trouble, they will not like it. Therefore, for increasing the traffic over the site and allow the user to have a seamless experience, you need to check out the speed now and fix the issue if there is any arising.