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Comments are always best to have when a user is looking forward to interacting with their viewers or audience. But sometimes a scenario is being so comments may be being annoying and at that particular moment you are looking forward to disabling or hide them. If you are looking forward to disabling comments in WordPress and have no idea how you can do it then here we are presenting the options through which you can easily do it.

How To Disable The Comments On a WordPress Post?

We all know that WordPress enables comments on all posts by default. And the option is available to get the user to disable the comment on all the pages available. A user can choose them according to their wish. Therefore, if you want to regulate the comments on the post in any other manner than here, we are presenting you the option. But before you move for any of the methods, all you need to do is just move to settings and then discussions in the WordPress dashboard available.

Disabling Comments for all the Future Post and Pages

When you move to the discussions option available, there is an option available to allow people to post comments on articles. All you need to do is ‘check’ it. A user can also disable those trackbacks and pingbacks here. This will disable the comments on all future posts, including pages. Moreover, if you want to allow comments on an individual post, then also all you need to do is visit the discussion of the individual post or page and then move ahead with it.

Disabling Comments on a Selected Post in Bulk

If you want to disable comments on a different post, first of all, you need to do is just move to the all post section and select the post where you wish to delete the comments. After clicking on it, move to bulk actions, then edit, and then apply. A new option will get appear right in front of you, ‘do not allow’. Click on the button. After that, the user will not be able to post a comment on the selected post. You can do it for 20 posts at a time because this is a default setting available. If you want to do the same for a greater number of the post, then you need to make the changes in under screen options available.

Disabling Comments on the Published Posts

If you wish to disable the comments on the publish post, all you need to do is visit the dashboard and comment section. Here you will be going to select comments that will go on. Click on bulk action and then select to move to trash. After it clicks on apply button, within a while, all the comments will be stopped on the published post.

Disabling Comments on Existing Post individually

If you are looking forward to disabling comments on existing posts individually then also the option is available. You need to select the specific post and click on the edit post option available. In the writing area, there will be a heading available mentioning Discussion. Click on it. Then there is a allow comment option available and check it. Moreover, a user will be able to achieve the same result with the help of the quick edit individual post option available.

Disabling the Comments on Media Files

If you have added media content over the website and you want to disable the content on the same, then all four option is available. Until and unless you are not disabling comments, it will receive comments. For the same, all you need to do is visit the Media Library option. There is the media file option available click on it. As soon as we click on it then click on the edit option. There is a discussion box available that is similar to text files and click on it to stop by visiting the same section you can easily disable the comments from there.

It is also important for a user to understand that in case they are looking forward to disabling the comments in bulk on media files, then the option is not available in WordPress by default. But they can easily do it by adding some code to the theme file data using.

Disabling Comments with the help of Plugin

If you feel that you do not want to adopt any of the methods, then you can use a plugin. Disable comments plugin is available that will help you to do it easy first of all you need to do is use a particular plugin available for stop it will allow you to disable the comment on a different post, media pages, and others. Moreover, it will also remove the comment form and stop displaying existing comments. It will act as a hiding agent for you that will not let others see the previous comments as well. The steps you need to follow for the same are as follows:-

  1. At the very first you need to install and activate the disability comment plugin available.
  2. As soon as the plugin is installed, select the first option that will allow you to disable the comment on the WordPress site.
  3. Now the plugin will remove all the comments from the WordPress admin area, and there is no need for you to worry about it anymore.

If you feel that you want to remove the comment from a certain post then on a certain post type option to select the type. As soon as you select the type, from the same, the comments will get removed but do not forget to click on the save changes option.

Using a plugin is one of the easiest ways to consider whenever a user is looking forward to disabling comments on the WordPress site.

From the methods mentioned above, it is quite clear that a user can easily disable comments according to their choice. Make sure you are not letting such type of comment on the post, which can motivate the users and let them feel like the content is useless. Always keep a check on comments because it will help you in understanding what the users are demanding and whether you are able to fulfill their requirements or not.