This 429 too many requests is a general error that is experienced by most WordPress users while working on their WordPress websites. This error occurs when too many visitors try to access your website. They can be genuine users who want to access your website but sometimes this error occurs due to bots, plugins, or custom scripts that can flood your website to create a huge traffic annoyance. Now your server fails to handle that huge traffic and displays you the “429 too many request error”. You can simply assume this error as a warning that the server is not able to respond to such huge requests and its resource has been exhausted.

Now to deal with this error we have to carefully take up the necessary steps otherwise this can block the google APIs and the search engines to access your website. Now if you are a beginner with WordPress it would be hard to find out what is going on behind the scenes that are responsible for this error. In this article, we will discuss the causes and the relevant solutions for the “429 too many request error”.

Now let us dig down all these possible causes to get the effective solution for the “429 too many request error”

How to Fix 429 too many Request Error?

1. Deactivate the problem causing plugin

  • Try to figure out or detect the miscreant plug-in that is causing the problem.
  • Simply deactivate all the WordPress plugins from the WordPress admin area. Select all the plugins and select ‘Deactivate’from the drop-down menu and then click on apply.
  • You can also deactivate the plugins using an FTP client.
  • Now visit the website again and see if the error appears or has been fixed.
  • After that simply activate all the plugins one by one and filter out which plugin is causing the error.
  • Once you have identified which is plugin is responsible, simply uninstall it and try to find out other alternatives to that plug

If this solution does not work out for you, you can try the next.

2. Use default compatible WordPress themes

Do not overflood your website with too many themes as these themes come with different types of plugins empowered with certain functionalities. Always go for fewer, simple, and default WordPress themes so that the 429 too many request error can be avoided.

If this solution has also not been able to get rid of this problem, you can try the next one.

3. Get support from the WebHost

If you had tried all the above ways and still the “429 too many request error” persists, then you had to simply contact your Web hosting provider to look into the matter and find out what’s wrong with the website.

Possible Reasons that can lead to “429 too many request error”

The “429 too many request error” is a common server problem that can be experienced on any website. Like there can be several reasons that can lead the website to an internal server error 500. Some of the possible reasons can be :

  • Most of the time, it is caused when any user or bot makes a large number of requests to the server. In this case, this error blocks the DDOS attacks and prevents your website from any malicious attacks.
  • If any script on the website is attempting a large number of requests with any API, then the API would revert with 429 too many request errors.
  • A misconfigured plug-in can also cause trouble resulting in the “429 too many requests error”.


In this discussion we had discussed the possible causes that may be responsible for “429 too many request error” in your wordPress website. We hope that the relevant solutions that are suggested with detailed wise steps that would be helpful for you to troubleshoot this problem.