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When an individual is available with a WordPress site, they look forward to choosing and installing free things that make it look attractive. They also look forward to the WordPress plugin directory to add some additional features to the site. It is quite interesting to see that WordPress ecosystems allow users to get available with a lot of features that make their website light and let others enjoy the interface as well. The developer will look forward to every aspect that will allow them to make things available in an attractive way.

As users, they look forward to all features available in the WordPress site and get handy with the best. Usually, people look forward to alternate post styling so that all of them will look amazing, and the graphics used will let others understand things easily. If you are also looking forward to the methods to do styling to alternate both, then you are on the right page. This post will help you get the idea about the technique that will help you do the organized post styling easily. Just be sure about the method you are choosing so that you can get the best one available.

Methods to consider for Alternate Styling includes

WordPress Editor

Primarily, they look forward to the WordPress editor available. A developer can edit the style.css file directly by navigating to the options available. They need to go through the appearance section and then look forward to the editor screen available.

When a user goes to this method from it, it will allow them to edit the code of the theme file available. In this option, the PHP templates are also included. A user can change the same as well.

But before you move towards using it, they need to understand that any version does not control the changes. Hence, it is difficult for them to understand the changes if any of the mess is created. Moreover, if the version you have created is in charge of deployment, then the system will control it, and there might be a chance that it will override all the changes you have made.

WordPress Customizer

In WordPress 4.7, the WordPress customizer feature is included, which is available with a CSS editor. It is quite interesting to see that one can easily add the style to head upon. Moreover, the simple custom CSS plugin, the native support is also used by WordPress, which allows a user to make the change quickly. A developer needs to understand the steps which they need to follow to do it. Also, they can make the customizations according to the requirement of the post.

Using a Plugin

If you do not wish to face any trouble, you can use a plugin whenever you wish to add styles to alternate posts on the WordPress site. There might be a chance that you feel like it is creating a mess for you, but this is not the case. It will allow you to get available with Simple Custom CSS, which directly adds a new screen. This new screen allows you to write the CSS, and when you enter the CSS, it will get saved, and a new document will get created. It will act as the art direction method and allow you to add the styles on the particular page alternatively.

Preferred Style Sheets

Preferred style sheets are the sheets that are enabled in the WordPress site by default. One needs to on them whenever the page is loaded. Moreover, if you wish to disable the same, the option is available. It would help if you made the stylesheet preferred by adding the attributes and also by following certain steps. It is also important for you to understand that all of the style sheets available will get enabled together and disabled as well.

Moreover, if you are referring to more than one group of the preferred stylesheets, then the first group available will take priority. A user needs to understand the title attribute so that they can easily manage the things.

Overriding the styles in a Child Theme

The child theme method is great for you to consider whenever you wish to add style to the post alternatively on the site. It is quite interesting to see that the child theme can be created according to your requirements, and you can add it as you want. It is the reflection of the parent theme.

Hence you need to understand what you will be going to add and what you will avoid. It is one of the fancy ways to describe the process of a new folder easily. When designing a child theme, you need to understand that it is making your site more functional. If you are using it unnecessarily and without any knowledge, then certain problems may arise.

Thus, you need to understand that you are not compromising with any of the styles and adding the styles to let you get available with the best only.

When you are using the child theme, it will directly modify the theme available. There might be a chance that you feel like the modifications may be lost, but in the child theme, this will be preserved.


After understanding all the methods, it is evident that one can add alternate styles to the post on their WordPress site. There is no need for an individual to end up with something which is not so going to their eyes. It is also good to know that when users add styles to the alternate themes, they can customize them according to their requirements.

A developer will not end up with something which is not fulfilling their requirement. Moreover, being a developer, they need to understand that which newer the method they are referring to is available with all the features they require.

If you wish to know something more about it, then do let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you with the best solution for easily styling the posts on WordPress.