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Do you feel like there are enormous images available in your WordPress Media Library? Are you looking forward to the methods through which you can easily delete all the unused images? If yes, then there is no need for you to continue with them anymore. Now procedures are there that help individuals to delete all the unused images easily. After these procedures, there will be no need for a user to keep them anymore. Let’s have a look at the procedures that allow you to deal with it easily. Just dig up this article till the last so that deleting unnecessary files will be an easier task for you to do.

The files will be deleted forever. A user will not be able to undo this action. Therefore do not forget to have a complete WordPress backup before you proceed further.

Cleaning up of WordPress Media Library with the help of Media Deduper

In this method, a user needs to get the Media Deduper plugin. This plugin is available in free and paid versions. It is a suggestion to use the pro version because it allows the user to delete duplicate images from the gallery, Woocommerce, Yoast SEO, and more easily. Let’s have a look at the steps a user needs to follow:-

  1. Primarily, a user needs to install and active the media Deduper plugin.
  2. After activation, visit the media and click on “Manage Duplicates” A page will appear where the index media option is there, click on it.
  3. As soon as the user clicks on the index media, the plugin will start the analysis of the Media Library and come up with a list of duplicate images.
  4. All the duplicate images present on the website will appear right in front of a user.
  5. Now a user can select all the files or specific files. Now click on smart delete from the bulk action drop-down menu.
  6. And then click on the “Apply button.”

Note: A user needs to select the ‘SmartDelete’ feature because it let them use images on the website, and these will not get deleted at all. Also, it results in the merging of duplicate images so, that you can use media files without engaging in the reuploading procedure again.

Cleaning up of WordPress Media Library using Media Cleaner

In this procedure, a user needs a Media Cleaner Plugin. This plugin is available as a free and pro both. The pro version is equipped with some advanced features. For using the media cleaner plugin, a user needs to complete the installation procedure.

Let’s have a look at after installation procedure:

  1. When the installation procedure will get completed, visit the media, and then the cleaner page.
  2. Here they will be able to analyze the WordPress Media Library easily. The plugin will ask to reset itself during the procedure, and a new table will be created by the plugin automatically in the WordPress database to store the data.
  3. Now click on the start scan button so that the media analysis will get completed.
  4. This plugin will look forward to all the files in the media library and inside the post and pages. It will find out all the files in your media but are not used on the website.
  5. This will be going to take some time according to the size of the Media Library and content.
  6. After completion, results will appear, and all the media files that are not in use are categorized.
  7. Now the user can select all the images and choose the specific images for deletion.
  8. After you are done selecting the images, click on delete all options so that action will get completed.

We all know that while using WordPress, we add multiple media files with just only a load over it. The files that are there will create load and as a result in a slow speed of it. At that particular moment, we look forward to the method through which we can easily resolve it. For solving the same, we are here to help you.

Just have a look at the methods mentioned above so that you can easily clean up the WordPress Media Library step by step. Make sure to follow the steps carefully. In case a user is a bit careless, it may create a problem after deletion. Being an undone procedure, there will be nothing a user can do to recover it.

Why is it important to clean the WordPress Media Library?

On WordPress, there is an autonomous procedure where it creates multiple copies of each image when a person uploads it to the website. The WordPress themes and plugins sometimes request additional image size, and at that particular moment as well the copies get created.

Apart from the size of the image, sometimes a user ends up uploading so many images and uses only a few of them. All the media files uploaded on the disk take up a lot of space on the WordPress hosting server. These also increase the backup size of WordPress, indicating that it will take a longer time to transfer, backup, and restore the website. Therefore, to save you from this trouble, it is important to check the WordPress media library, and in case there are unused images, a user must remove them.

These are the methods that will allow the user to clean media files in bulk from WordPress. It is a suggestion that does not keep unnecessary files on WordPress because it creates a very high load on it, and as a result, WordPress does not work efficiently as you are expecting. Therefore, if you want to run it smoothly without any hassle, optimize it regularly so that things will start working in your favor, and there will be no trouble in any case.