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In the fast-growing world of technology smartphones and similar gadgets play a leading role in transverse information from one person to another through the medium of the internet. Various applications are used on smartphones and other gadgets to share news among people living in different parts of the world. One solution to improve the simplicity and ease of information sharing without any hassles are web stories. Web stories are identical to storytelling videos and use appealing animations and widgets that can be tapped to explore the inside out of any information. The web stories try to entice the audiences with stunning visuals and introduce them to the gravity of that particular issue with ease. Web stories provide the users with a quick loading screen experience.

People love to read about the experiences and stories of other persons and the web stories work in a similar way they desire. The web stories can be simply shared on the web and can create an effective impact on millions of minds. They are pushed on smartphones and other devices irrespective of the platforms they are using to create a buzz about any issue, news, and information. Web stories build a superb chance for advertisers and publishers to reach out to a specific audience for their promotions. Companies and business organizations also follow this trend and use web stories to gain more customers in the market.

Start of Google Web Stories

Google also sensed all these happenings in 2018 and launched its own Google web stories. Google Web stories were committed to delivering rich visual content that can be accessed on the mobile screens of the user. Users only need to swipe and tap over their screens to get a glimpse of the full story. Google web stories tried to give a strong competition to its competitors such as Instagram and Snapchat stories. But one thing that gave it an additional superiority was its functioning over the open web instead of dependability on a specific app.

Benefits of Google Web Stories

Google web stories provide a most interactive way for people to share their experiences with others over the global network. Google is the main cornet for the users on the internet to share, learn and experience different things. So Google web stories provide a fast way as they are visualized in the google search results as well. So discovering these web stories is much easier for the audience. Some of the major benefits are :

1. Control

You have an excess amount of control over your content and no dependability. You can display your content in the web stories and you own a proper control on its code as well. Google Web stories are completely platform-independent and they can be hosted on your websites as well.

2. Higher Reach

Google web stories can be shared in newsletters and in the form of links on social media. They can also be showcased on the homepages of websites and can be tied with other relevant pages of the websites.

3. Owner Customizable

The Google web stories are created by using the AMP documentation that gives us the flexibility to be creative and we can do the desired changes accordingly whenever we want to do so.

How to create Google Web Stories in WordPress

You can also create Google web stories in WordPress by using some specific tools built for this particular purpose. Tools such as Google web story editor can be used for these kinds of tasks. If you want to start creating Google web stories, you can follow the given steps.

  1. Install it from the WordPress Admin dashboard or download from here
  2. Navigate to the ‘plugins’ option and click on the ‘Add new’.
  3. Now enter ‘Webstories’ in the search box and it will display the ‘WordPress Plugin’.
  4. Simply install it and after installing activate it.
  5. Navigate to the WordPress dashboard again and select the stories option.
  6. Simply click on ‘create new story’ and select ‘Explore template’.
  7. Finally, you can create and customize your own desired web story.


In this discussion we have made an overview of the Webstories trend and have discussed about the start of the google webstories and how it has completely changed game for the digital marketing and online businesses to gain more and more customers.