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Have you heard of the term Vlog and Blog? It is one of the debatable subjects in the internet community nowadays. Content consumers are not able to comprehend the differences between Blogs and Vlogs due to a lack of knowledge. English words are invented in recent times, and they were not a thing in the past that led to confusion.

Blogging Platforms

We have been active in the Content Management System, also known as blogging platforms. Allow me to list down popular solutions that most of the beginners or experts pick. We recommend WordPress personally, but there are alternatives available on the worldwide Web. For instance, Blogger (Google), Tumblr, Joomla, Drupal, Medium, Cheese Burger, Gator (Hostgator), and more.

Types of Blogs

Product Blogs: Businesses have started to provide in-depth guides and manuals online for consumers to read and operate the products efficiently.

Business Blogs: Millions of businesses are generating tons of traffic on the website by offering in-depth information on subjects. The topics are related to the store, products, services, and more.

Personal Blog: It’s all about your own individual life, experience, and opinions.

Niche Blog: The website owners create one platform for one subject and provide information on it.

Affiliate Blogs: Amazon Affiliate is a popular choice of affiliation business model that we have come across. Readers can find informative reviews on products or goods that are sold on online shopping websites or company websites. In affiliate blogs, you will find reviews, in-depth comparisons, product details, review videos, and more.

Vlogging Platforms

You can upload videos all over the World Wide Web, and especially the Video Sharing platform. But, YouTube is known for the home of Vlogging, and that’s how it has risen to popularity. Original video content producers can upload the video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and more.

Types of Vlogs

Daily Life: One of the prominent ways that defined vlogging to another level is capturing daily life. Record your everyday life and upload them on social media and video sharing platforms. We could give you plenty of examples such as Casey Neistat, Mumbiker Nikhil, Mo Vlogs, Tanner Fox, and more. Self broadcasting has become a viable method to generate sustainable income, which is a leading factor for demand.

Music: Musicians don’t share personal life on social media or the internet, but they are indeed coming out with tour videos, collaboration videos, Q&A videos, and more. Everyone is using the platform to promote their upcoming plans, and it is a powerful tool.

Comedy: You can find millions of videos online that fall in the “Comedy” category. In recent times, silent comedy has gotten popular as a specific language is not used in the process. Silent prank videos have become popular on social media because it is suitable for all ages and doesn’t need to be comprehended to understand specific language.

Sports: Although Vlogging in the sports category is rare, some athletes are coming forward with videos. Athletes want to promote sponsored products and entertain viewers around the world.

Gaming: Gaming channels have increased over the years because it is a popular method of engaging with the audience. FPS (first-person-shooter) requires high-level aiming skills, and only professional players can pull it off. GTA is another game where millions of players around the world are watching videos of it.

Health and Fitness: H&F is a popular category on YouTube, FB, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular platforms. Instagram trending tag is GYM, Fashion, Beauty, and Art. The number of tags that we have mentioned is enough for viewers to get encouraged to work out and focus on physical beauty.

Education: Nowadays, you can read comments on YouTube, where viewers agree to learn more on YouTube than School or College. Viewers can watch videos on Science, Cooking, Mathematics, Space, Political Science, and more.

How to spot the difference between Blog and Vlog?

Know More About Blogs

A blog consists of content in written format and is available on a website. In short, it is a printed journal available online. It is accessible by everyone as we have mentioned that Blogging term definition changes with time, and that’s what’s happening in the world. Nowadays, you can find GIFs, Infographics, and Animated tutorials on blogging websites.

Blog Platforms:

  • WordPress
  • Medium
  • Blogger
  • Cheese Burger
  • Drupal.

The blogging platform is known as CMS (Content Management System) in the industry.

Know More About Vlogs

YouTube and content creators defined vlogging in 2004. Viewers have to give props to YouTube for adding “Broadcast Yourself” that changed the course of the industry. Vlogging consist of production value that has high-quality cameras, microphones, powerful Windows/Mac machines, and editing tools.

Vlogging Platforms:

  • YouTube (Primary)
  • DailyMotion
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok.

Vloggers don’t require high-end production types of equipment, and you can shoot from iPhone, iPad, Galaxy S-series, and more. You do have editing applications on Play Store, App Store for editing videos efficiently.


Bloggers and Vloggers are generating $100,000 in revenues, depending on their popularity. We have defined a Vlog and Blog, which consists of original content that includes your voice and your physical appearance. Let us know what you think about Blog and Vlog in the comment section below.