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WordPress is among those platforms which provide enormous features to the users. A user just needs to understand how they can utilize it, and within no time, the result will be in their favor. There are so many changes done on WordPress, and the current version is a hub of all those. But for WordPress page, builders and theme Framework are somewhere still has a lot of importance for all the site developers.

Some people have no idea about the page builder and theme Framework for WordPress. For all those who have no idea about it, this read is best to have. After this, you will have clear answers available about the differences between a page builder and theme Framework for WordPress so that there will be no problems arising in any case.

Let’s have a look at the difference between page Builders and theme framework

1. Ease of Use

The page builders are very easy to use. When a user wants to make a website, but they have no idea about coding, they can simply use a page builder. The page builder plugin will allow them to create the website by dragging and dropping. Theme Framework is not easy to use at all. A user needs to understand the coding. If they have no idea about code in, then they cannot use it easily. There is a particular set of function hooks and filters without which a user cannot use it.

2. Cost

The cost a user needs to pay for page builder is nothing. There is no need for a user to approach any web developer for doing so. They can easily create their pages. Also, they will be the boss of their website. For creating the website with the help of theme frameworks, the user needs to pay a particular amount. The themes are there where they can pay an amount one time, and some of them require the upgrade. It depends on which Framework they have chosen.

3. Time-Saving

Page builders are direct for creating the website, and one can only conclude that these are timesavers as well. Whereas when a person is using a theme Framework, it will be going to consume a lot of time. If a user is at fault during coding, then the result will not be appropriate, and they need to repeat the procedure.

4. Site Speed

When a user is creating a website with a page builder plugin’s help, we cannot rely on it, considering Speed. The major reason for the same is that this plugin allows users to add multiple elements, including images, buttons, headers, text, etc. This sometimes makes the website very heavy that it takes forever to load. Whereas when the website is created with the help of a theme Framework, the field will be faster. It will get loaded very easily because these are free from heavy graphics and gentle codes. As compared to stand-alone themes, the code quality used for theme frameworks is good.

5. SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important things for the website. With page builders, you will be going to affect it. It will directly affect the ranking of the site. Whereas when you are using the frameworks, the SEO will go to be improved. It will optimize the website for search engines. Built-in options are there for SEO, which results in a good impact on its ranking.

6. Limitations

By creating a site with a page builder’s help, there is no limitation imposed on a user considering the content they are adding. They can add images, videos, graphics, and so on without any limitation. Whereas when creating the same with the help of WordPress theme Framework, certain limits are imposed on every Framework they are using. Therefore, a user needs to understand how they wish to deal with it.

7. Functionality

The site which is created with the help of page builders is quite limited considering the functionality. A user can perform the functions as per the page builder plugin they have chosen. Well, with the help of the theme framework, they have the freedom to do it. The functionality will get improved. It will be going to include widgets, extended functions, and so on. Also, different frameworks are there, which are more functional as compared to normal themes. These are the basic differences between a page builder and WordPress theme frameworks. It depends on the user which day which to choose.

Wrapping Up

Both of them have certain pros and cons. For the users who have no idea about coding, the page builder is best to have, and for all those who consider themselves to be the master of its theme, Framework is undoubtedly the best one. Both of them are also equipped with certain features that let them have an extraordinary interface during its usage.